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We are now offering Buy with Prime for select sizes of certain items.
We are now offering Buy with Prime for select sizes of certain items.

BDF S2M Window Film Clear UV Blocking

Original price $37.99 - Original price $253.99
Original price
$37.99 - $253.99
Current price $37.99
Sizes: 24in X 12ft
  • 99% UV Rejection! Blocks 300nm-380nm UV rays. Reduces fading caused by the sun. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.
  • Clear look for an unobstructed view. Not intended for heat control.
  • Scratch-resistant coating, professional adhesive material, and film that can last many years.
  • Perfect for reducing fade on furniture in sunlit areas.
  • Will hold light shattered glass together.
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Orders are generally processed by the next business day. After an order is processed, delivery normally takes up to 5 business days, depending on the location.

Shipping Policy

  • Start your installation with a smaller window if you are inexperienced.
  • Do not apply the film when the direct sunlight is on the window.
  • If your window is larger than 30" width, you may need assistance from 2nd hands.
  • Spray abundantly. A fully wet window & film is the key for successful installation.
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BDF Clear UV Blocking Film - S2M

UV protection without any tint. This film is clear but it will block 99% of UV rays that can damage furnishing in your home, office, boat, etc. This film is not designed to be used on automobiles or over any other film that is already on a window. This film should only be installed on flat glass.

Superior Clarity

BDF’s Security Clear Window Films are unmatched in terms of visibility and clarity. Good for homes and office buildings that are directly exposed to the public, these clear security glass films provide excellent safety and protection while remaining essentially unseen. These thick 4mil (4/1000 inch), safety films are perfect to enhance your home or office security without changing the original appearance of the window.

99% UV Rejection

Clear S2M UV Protection film protects your interior from harmful UV rays from the sun. It rejects about 99% of the UV rays, helping to reduce fading on your precious furniture or other UV-sensitive belongings. Since it maintains the transparency of the window, you can now enjoy the warmth of the sunlight without having to worry about harmful solar rays.

S2M's 2 mil film will work as light duty satety film as well from unexpected glass breakage.

DIY Project Friendly

For first-timers, it might initially seem confusing to make the window film stick to the window, but it’s simple! Use two pieces of tape to grab onto one of the corners on each side of the film. Once you start pulling apart the tape, the backing liner should start to peel off from the window film itself. Remember to closely follow the installation manual and use lots of soapy water to prevent the film from sticking everywhere.

Protect lifestyle

Protect your lifestyle from unwanted damages with BDF’s Clear 2 mil S2M window film. Its 2 mil thickness allows the film to serve as a light duty protective layer once applied to your window. The S2M can absorb impact from break-in and hold shattered glass together in case of breakage while remaining virtually clear and transparent so that you won’t even know it’s there.

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