BDF NSN70 Window Film Transparent Ultra High Heat Rejection & UV Cut NSN 70 (Very Light)

Sizes: 24in X 14ft


  • Top of the line window film for visibility and sun rejection, Total Solar Energy rejected: 45%!
  • 99% UV Rejection! Block harmful UV rays. Reduces fading caused by the sun.
  • Allows a lot of light to pass through with excellent heat rejection
  • Reflects thermal energy back in during the winter to keep rooms warm.
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years. Scratch-resistant coating

Buy Decorative Film's High Performance Sun Control Window NSN Window Films are more effective in rejecting heat than traditional dyed films. Since these films are sputtered and contain no dye, they boast great efficiency in that they will not fade throughout their use. The alloy of nichrome and silver contained in the NSN window films provide a great barrier against solar energy by capturing and dispersing heat throughout the surface it is applied to. These window films are ideal for home/office windows that receive a great amount of sunlight. Available in 60% (Light) and 70% (Very Light), the NSN series is excellent for blocking heat from the sun and providing effective sun control.



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