BDF 4ETCWS Decorative Window Film Etched Cross Weave (Small Tie)

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


The Etched series is a staple line of products from Buy Decorative Film whose etched pattern on clear window film breathes depth into the windows and rooms of your surrounding. The Etched decorative films are recognized for their unlimited value because of the originality involved in this particular method of film-making. The etched prints create a kind of protrusion whose surface you can distinguish from the clear film by touch. The Etched series comes in Erratic Line, Flowers, Ribbon, and Tie.

The Etched Tie film has proven monumental of Buy Decorative Films etching film history. With alternating diagonal lines in a crosshatched pattern, the Tie decorative window film builds dimensions on glass surfaces that would otherwise be bare. The pattern is printed in light black that gradates into transparency, with each junction approximately 11 millimeters apart.

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