BDF 4SID Decorative Window Film Silver Drip

Sizes: 48in X 14ft


The Drip window film series boasts of its many years of experience in the market as the default go-to product for office and room windows and glass partitions. Although the glass film's use goes far beyond the two aforementioned, the demand for the Drip decorative film is especially and substantially high in these areas because of its ability to provide adequate privacy while not completely shutting out the outside world. The Drip series is an easily accessible window film that is sensitive to the needs of both the insider and the outsider. You can enjoy the Drip series now in White, Silver, and Gray.

The Silver Drip Decorative Window Film is typically used on glass partitions or little cubicles in office spaces. Because of its light monochromatic color tone, the Silver Drip window film improves concentration and draws people to move past daily distractions and onward onto greater things.

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