BDF BLVE Window Film Venetian Blind (1/2" Wide Blinds)

Sizes: 24in X 25ft


  • White linear lines on clear window film
  • Venetian blinds or use them for vertical stripes
  • UV coating reduces fading on furnishings caused by the sun
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years.
  • Creates privacy by limiting the view of onlookers

The Blind series incorporates white linear lines into clear window film and creates an illusion of vertical blinds surrounding your window. Typically hung in front of balcony windows, the vertical blinds serve to protect your interior from excessive sunlight and provide privacy from the passersby while still allowing some natural light to enter. With your choice of Blind Decorative Window Film, you will be able to enjoy the functions of traditional vertical blinds as well as the benefits of glass window films.

Due to the adhesive nature of the film, you can express your creativity by aligning the lines in a certain direction as the best fit. Horizontal, vertical, or diagonal, the Blind series guarantees to satisfy your taste. Move past the limitations of vertical blinds and explore your abundant options that come only with decorative window films; the Blind series looks great not only on balcony windows but also on any glass that may otherwise appear mundane. Satisfy your aesthetic needs as well as your physical needs.

The Venetian Blind Decorative Window Film has moderately thick white lines (1/2 Inch Wide Blinds) that combine the advantages of Blind Plus and Mini Blind. The Venetian Blind glass film finds a common ground from each side of the spectrum and ensures both privacy and fashion. This is a safe choice for anyone who wishes to faithfully secure grounds before advancing further. Some of the film's strengths include:

  • moderate concealment of background
  • adequate privacy and protection
  • enhancement of decor and mood of surrounding space
  • apt for all kinds of windows

If you are tired of dusting off your vertical blinds and separating each from clutter, the Blind series is for you as it will largely enhance your environment with order and neatness. All it ever needs is just one touch of installation and you can enjoy its efficiency without ever having to worry about tending to them.

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