BDF 4WHD Decorative Window Film White Dot

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


  • Perfect size for sidelights or french pane windows
  • Repetitive pattern to cover any window or glass
  • Creates privacy by limiting the view of onlookers
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years.
  • UV coating reduces fading on furnishings caused by the sun

The White Dot Decorative Window Film is one of the most leading products in the market. Treated extensively over the globe, this highly competitive film for glass is undoubtedly a best seller who is prized at the top line of decorative film chain. Much of its popularity is derived from its semi-obscurity that enables privacy as well as tasteful aesthetics. With the application of this privacy window film you can enjoy both practicality and artistry. This film exhibits white dots 3 millimeters in diameter spaced 1 millimeter apart from each other on clear window film.

The White Dot decorative film especially looks great on partition windows for business offices; it adds a touch of flair to the office space where it manages to provide adequate privacy without completely dividing the atmosphere. This window film offers people their personal space and still leaves room for people to communicate. White Dot will definitely enhance your work and housing environment and bring to your office and home much anticipated cooperation and inspiration.

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