BDF 4SPRO Decorative Window Film Sparkling Frost Rose Privacy

Sizes: 47in X 12ft


Frosted window films are progressively growing popular in the decorative window film industry as a cost-efficient means to replace actual frosted glass windows that are installed at a higher cost for privacy and beauty purposes. Our Sparkling Frost film series encompasses all of these qualities of traditional frosted window films and more. Thick, stable, and secure, the Sparkling Frost decorative film contains durable PVC material that gives strength to the film and keeps it intact. This particular window film provides a fun twist from traditional frosted films with a tint of color as well as shimmering glitter. Whether it is in the office, home, bathroom, or caf??s, the Sparkling Frost window films will brighten up your atmosphere.

The Sparkling Frost series comes in Black, Blue, Gold, Mint, Rose, and White. Similar to our Frosted Matte films, the Sparkling Frost decorative film completely blurs and obscures the object behind when applied on a window at a distance from the object. Unlike the Frosted Matte films which come in three solid colors, however, the Sparkling Frost film shimmers from its glitters on top of any chosen color. When an object leans against the tinted window, the film becomes transparent, furthermore highlighting the sparkles sprinkled across the colored film. Matte films are perfect for atmospheres that desire higher concentration and calm. If you are, however, looking for fun and dazzle, then the Sparkling Frost glass film is for you.

The Rose Sparkling Frost Decorative Window Film has a light, pink hue with shimmering glitter. Looks very pretty on any window.

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