BDF AG7M Window Film Graffiti Protection 7 Mil Clear

Sizes: 30in X 25ft


  • Sacrificial layer for protection against vandalism, paint & key scratch.
  • Absorbs impact from break-in attempts, minimizes property damage.
  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Unmatched optical clarity & transparency, 99% UV rejection to reduce fading on furnishings. Not intended for heat control.
  • Applied on the outside of the window.

With their cost-efficiency and great performance, these Anti-Graffiti Security window films easily prove to be worth it over the course of their lifetimes by saving windows that would otherwise need replacement. These films use pressure-sensitive adhesive and are easy to both install and remove. Great for promoting a safe and clean environment, the Anti-Graffiti Window Films serve as excellent security measures for your home or office windows and remove the hassle of replacing the entire window. If there is graffiti on the window once the Anti-Graffiti is installed on that window, you can simply remove the window film to get rid of the graffiti without doing any damage to the glass itself. Protect yourself against unwanted graffiti and secure your assets at a fraction of the cost of replacement by using our Anti-Graffiti films.

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