BDF WHTT Window Film Whiteout Privacy

Sizes: 24in X 24ft


Buy Decorative Film's White Out Decorative Window Film ensures complete privacy while giving your window a custom look. As the name suggests, the film "whiteout" the window on which it is applied, preventing the window from being see-through. With barely any light passing through, it is designed to ensure almost 100% opacity; neither you nor the people outside can view what is on the other side of the window, making it ideal for applications that require absolute privacy or view shielding. Durable and scratch-resistant, the White Out window film also adds a solid, white tint to your personal spaces where privacy should not be invaded, making it ideal for glass shower booths, bedroom windows, workrooms, office glass partitions, and conference or study room window. Improve your concentration and gather your focus and allow yourself to enjoy your own moment of privacy with Buy Decorative Film's White Out Decorative Window Film.

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