BDF S8MB05 Window Film Security and Privacy 8 Mil Black 5 (Very Dark)

Sizes: 24in X 12ft


  • Add security and daytime privacy to your windows
  • Absorbs Impact from Break-In Attempts, Minimizes Property Damage, Holds Shattered Glass Together
  • 99% UV Rejection! Block harmful UV rays. Reduces fading caused by the sun.
  • Creates daytime privacy with a very dark tint. Reduces heat and glare too!
  • You can also trim to fit your windows. Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years

Aside from providing additional protection and shielding, our tinted security window films help deter smash and grab attacks by either delaying a would-be thief or by thwarting efforts outright. Additionally, when installed on office and residential windows, these safety films can prove invaluable for the protection they provide against shattered glass in case of an accident. Due to their unmatched clarity, premium 8 mil security window films provide outstanding protection without obstructing your visibility.



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