BDF 4ETFL Decorative Window Film Flowers Etched Glass

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


The Etched series is a staple line of products from Buy Decorative Film whose etched pattern on clear window film breathes depth into the windows and rooms of your surrounding. The Etched decorative films are recognized for their unlimited value because of the originality involved in this particular method of film-making. The etched prints create a kind of protrusion whose surface you can distinguish from the clear film by touch. The Etched series comes in Erratic Line, Flowers, Ribbon and Tie.

The Etched Flowers film is distinguished from other Etched films of Buy Decorative Film because whereas other films are mostly pattern-based whose gaps expose the background through smooth and clear film, the Flowers window film substantially relies on the texture of the film whose roughness helps to obscure the background. However, because the film does not completely conceal the background but rather appropriately adds texture to the background, you can witness the synergetic beauty of intricate floral patterns merged with your surroundings. Both delicate and gentle, the Flowers design print has proven complex and elaborate. Embellish your personal or public space with Buy Decorative Film's Flowers Decorative Window Film.

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