BDF 4PEB Decorative Window Film Pebbles

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


  • UV coating reduces fading on furnishings caused by the sun
  • Repetitive pattern to cover any window or glass
  • Creates privacy by limiting the view of onlookers
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years.
  • Easy un-installation process that will not damage the glass.

The Pebble Decorative Window Film artistically expresses in a window decal a kind of inspiration that beckons the childlikeness of an individual. With gray circles on white matte window film along with streaks of lines that reveal the background, the Pebble window film contributes to creating a space that is both safe and exciting.

The boundaries set by the white matte part of the film presents protection and a level of privacy. Due to the crafty and imaginative nature of the film, the Pebble decorative film for glass would not only enrich and challenge adulthood but also prove essential for children's rooms or school classrooms.

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