BDF 4ETCWL Decorative Window Film Etched Cross Weave (Large Tie)

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


The Etched series is a staple line of products from Buy Decorative Film whose etched pattern on clear window film breathes depth into the windows and rooms of your surrounding. The Etched decorative films are recognized for their unlimited value because of the originality involved in this particular method of film-making. The etched prints create a kind of protrusion whose surface you can distinguish from the clear film by touch. The Etched series comes in Erratic Line, Flowers, Ribbon and Tie.

The Etched Ribbon Decorative Window film has etched lines in a tie pattern that is barely visible before application but strikingly clear when applied on various windows and glasses. The light, gray lines in decreasing thickness creatively express gradation, depth and emboss that provide the viewers and passersby with optimal satisfaction and pleasure. Visually intriguing and widely appealing, the Etched Ribbon decorative window film serves to bring its users continuous welfare.

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