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We are now offering Buy with Prime for select sizes of certain items.
What is One Way Mirror Window FIlm?

What is One Way Mirror Window FIlm?

Window films are useful when trying to create a private environment, either for your home or for your office. The visible light transmittance (VLT) of each window film determines how much visible light can be transmitted through the film and window; for example, if a window film with a 5% VLT is applied to a glass window, only 5% of visible sunlight would pass through the window so the inner side of the window (e.g. inside the building) would be much darker than the outer side (outside the building). Therefore, a window film with a lower VLT would allow less light to pass through the window than would one with a higher VLT. In a simpler perspective, the VLT percentages correspond to a level of darkness/lightness (in terms of how much light passes through) as follows: 5% = Very Dark. 15% = Dark. 35% = Lightly Dark. 50% = Light 65% = Very Light

What is One Way Mirror Film?

Buy Decorative Film’s One Way Mirror Silver Window Film series are highly reflective window films that enhance daytime privacy. If the One Way Mirror window film is installed on a window, it gives the window a mirror-like, reflective appearance on the outside for the unwanted onlookers while still allowing the people inside to see the outside scenery through the window during daytime. However, there is an important fact to note about the One Way Mirror film. The film provides a mirror-like appearance only on the side that is silver and when it is considerably brighter on this side. For example, during daytime, the sun makes the outside much brighter than the inside of a building, so the outside of the window (the side that’s exposed to sunlight) will look like a mirror, giving passersby a view of nothing but their own reflection, while people can still see through the window from the inside. In contrast, during nighttime, the interior lighting of your home or office will allow people outside to see inside, and it will be harder for you to see outside because the inside of the building will be much brighter than the outside. This is unfortunately inevitable, as the transparent nature of window films makes it physically impossible for the One Way Mirror film to work during both daytime and nighttime.

The One Way Mirror Window Films are all silver on the outside (where the reflective effect is desired to create a mirror-like appearance), but Buy Decorative Film’s products for this series include various colors on the inside to better suit your needs and taste. The Silver 5% window film utilizes its low visible light transmittance (5% = Very Dark) to add to the mirrored effects. The color of the Silver 5% is silver on both the outside (the side that becomes highly reflective) and the inside. If you want a more diverse range of One Way Mirror window films and add color and taste to the interior of your home or office, please check out Buy Decorative Film’s colored One Way Mirror window films.

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