BDF MTSIL Window Film Silver Matte Frosted Decorative

Sizes: 24in X 25ft


  • Silver frosted look, perfect for adding privacy to partitions.
  • Lets in soft filtered light, while providing privacy.
  • Very High Opacity, Solid Appearance in Certain Lighting Conditions
  • 99% UV Rejection! Block harmful UV rays. Reduces fading on furnishings caused by sun.
  • Professional adhesive material and film that can last many years. Scratch resistant coating

The Frosted Matte series provide excellent privacy with a beautifully frosted appearance that covers your windows with a matte finish. They are useful in both private and public places because the matte colors blur the glass and therefore lessens the glass's transparency so that people on either side can't see through it. The Frosted Matte series comes in three different colors: Bronze, Silver, and White that adds flavor to your window while boasting 90% opacity. When the applied Frosted Matte window film is viewed at a distance, the window appears entirely solid and non-transparent, but when an object leans against the window the film captures only its silhouette. You can also freely express your creativity and individuality by creating your own unique pattern and design cutouts on the film and choose where to conceal or reveal on different parts of your window. Our Frosted Matte series is ideal for basically any glass surface, so you can apply them on bathroom windows, glass shower booths, office partitions, glass doors, and many more. The Frosted Silver Matte window film blocks direct visibility with a silver tint.

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