BDF 1PBL Window Film Non-Adhesive Frosted Privacy Block Static Cling

Sizes: 36in X 14ft


Buy Decorative Film's Non-adhesive Static Cling Decorative Window Films make the installation process a lot easier than traditional window films without the use of adhesives. With the simple application process of applying water, sticking the film onto the water, and squeezing the remaining water out, the Static Cling Decorative Window Films make window film installation even more performable by everyday people. Buy Decorative Film's Static Cling Decorative Window film series comes in different designs for your preference. When applied to your windows or any other glassy surface in your home or office, these window films provide both privacy and simple, yet sophisticated, decoration.

The Frosted Block Static Cling window film covers your originally transparent window with gray, frosted square blocks that are spaced out into an original, tile-like pattern with transparent spaces in between. The film makes the glass window look frosted, allowing you to create a more private environment behind the window by blurring out the glass and therefore making it harder to see through it from either side while still allowing light to enter. The frosty blur provided by the blocks reduces glare and reflection from your window. If you want to increase privacy and add some decoration to your windows and glass doors that look too plain and empty without much difficulty and spending too much time, Buy Decorative Film's Non-adhesive Frosted Block Static Cling Decorative Window Film would make an excellent choice.


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