BDF EXS35 EXTERIOR Window Film High Heat Rejection Silver 35 (Medium)

Sizes: 24in X 24ft


  • EXCELLENT HEAT REJECTION. Helps reduce cooling costs especially during the summer through effective blocking of harmful solar rays. Also, minimizes fading on furnishings caused by the sun.
  • FILM APPLIED ON THE OUTSIDE. It rejects heat by reflecting a lot of the solar energy out before it can even pass through the window. Sealing the edges with silicone window caulking is recommended.
  • STRONG ADHESIVES to last many years. For easier installation, remember to use A LOT of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window.
  • HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE films that are sensitive by nature. Please remember to take caution when handling the film as the slightest fold will create a permanent wrinkle. Also, these films are RECOMMEND SAFE FOR DUAL-PANE GLASS.
  • FREE TOOLS AND EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE to make installation DIY-friendly. Make sure the window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes.

If privacy is not your utmost concern but effective heat rejection is, Buy Decorative Film's EXTERIOR Silver 35 High Heat Rejection window film would be your choice. As the name suggests, the Exterior Silver 35 is applied on the outside of the window, working to reject heat before it even passes through your windows. With a mild, silver tint, the Exterior Silver 35 adds some shade to your window, but it is one of the lighter options you can pick from that will provide very good heat rejection. This heat rejection film is a preferred choice for dual-pane windows since it is applied on the outside, so if you have dual-pane windows but want high heat rejection, the Exterior Silver 35 would suit your needs.

Since the film is exposed to the conditions outside, you can seal the edges of the installed film with silicone window caulking after the film has fully dried. This is necessary to increase durability of the film for the outside environment.

Download Installation Guide

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