BDF 1CGB Floral Stained Glass Static Cling Window Film Non Adhesive Kitchen Home

Size: 36in X 14ft


  • INSTANT PRIVACY : Provides privacy on your windows for day and night. Does not block incoming daylight.
  • ANTI-UV : Solar control design with decorative glass effect to reduce glare and harmful UV rays.
  • ADHESIVES FREE : Static cling film. Quick and easy DIY installation. Tools (knife and squeegee) and installation manual are included.
  • EASY REMOVAL : Completely reusable and easy to remove with your fingertips. Does not leave any residue on windows.
  • CONTINUOUS PATTERN : Easy to cut to fit any size and shape of your window.

BDF decorative window films are an amazing solution to add creativity and style to your otherwise bare flat glass windows at the fraction of the cost of patterned or stained glass. Whether your purpose is privacy or decoration, our easy-to-install DIY decorative films are available for homes and other interior spaces to help you create the kind of environment you wish to experience. It will provide a stylish pattern for your window and privacy for your living environment. Our static cling, non-adhesive films are very easy to apply on windows even if you are not experienced. It is also removable with your fingertips and will not leave any residue. You can reuse the film for future projects. Installation tools - a 9mm retractable knife and the felted squeegee are included in the package.

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